Wednesday, March 30, 2011

APOS LIS Integrates With Safe Software

Now that Safe Software supports the flavor of JSON used by Esri, APOS LIS is now able to integrate with layers developed using Safe Software's GIS data translation and conversion tools.

This integration opens up new vistas for companies using APOS LIS. Normally, LIS users are restricted to opening base maps and layers from ArcGIS Server or a geospatial database in the APOS LIVE Viewer. Now they can add layers created using Safe Software's tools, which can read from approximately 280 different sources.

What's more, these additional layers do not have to be uploaded to the ArcGIS server, but can be accessed by the LIS user on the fly from a database external to the system. Using Safe Software layers in this manner provides flexibility for all LIS users, and for users of the Cloud edition of LIS, it increases speed and data security.

APOS and Safe Software continue to working together to develop even deeper integration. In the near future you will be able to use the Select tool in the APOS LIVE Viewer to run geospatial selection against Safe Software's tools, in addition to using Safe Software as a source for visualization.

Call your account representative to find out how APOS LIS / Safe Software integration can help you increase the effectiveness of your location intelligence solution.

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