Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Esri Partner Conference, 2011

APOS is an Esri Gold Partner, so we were excited to attend this landmark conference. The theme of this year's conference was "Charting Our Course Together" -- essentially, taking partner relations beyond partnering to full collaboration, to build a community of partners.

Community has become the focus for Esri and its partners: how we can all collaborate to bring the analytic power of GIS and location intelligence to a broader audience, and how that audience can collaborate to get more out of their collective investment in geographic information.

As part of this initiative, Esri is:
  • Making it possible to build discrete, purpose-driven "widgets" that perform specific functions or spatial analysis for a user or group of users;
  • Making GIS and location intelligence more pervasive through mobile- and web-based applications; and
  • Making it possible for communities to share GIS content through ArcGIS Online -- data, geoprocessing models, and maps.
Esri is also encouraging its partners with vertical-specific expertise to collaborate in building markets by tackling the specific workflows in those verticals.

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