Monday, March 28, 2011

SAP BusinessObjects and APOS Product Update Timelines

We've been getting enquiries asking when we expect APOS product updates will be ready for the new SAP BusinessObjects 4.0 (released Feb. 23, 2011).

 APOS develops its products against SAP BusinessObjects SDKs. These SDKs are developed in parallel with SAP's products, but are generally not released until relatively late in the development cycle. SAP has scheduled the release of most of these SDKs for the final calendar quarter of 2011. As we receive patches and SDKs, we will begin to update the related APOS products, and we expect to start releasing those products during the first calendar quarter of 2012.

At this time, we have the SDKs we need to update two APOS products for SAP BusinessObjects Release 4.0:

  • The View Time Security product will be available upon 4.0 general availability.
  • The APOS Location Intelligence Solution (LIS) is under development for 4.0, but our development team has outstanding support tickets with SAP Support, which must be resolved before we can determine a delivery date for this family of solutions.
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