Monday, April 18, 2011

Location Intelligence: Turning the Eureka Moment into Business as Usual

Location intelligence is one of the latest buzzwords in the enterprise software world, but definitions vary widely. Is it just reports with maps, or maps with reports? Or is there more to this phenomenon? Location intelligence is the convergence of geographic information systems (GIS) and business intelligence (BI) systems, but what is the significance of this convergence? And what's in it for the average line-of-business manager, or the average corporate information consumer? We have a white paper that will help you get to the heart of the matter.

Download Location Intelligence: Turning the "Eureka" Moment into Business as Usual.

From the Executive Summary:
Location – geospatial information – is a part of nearly all business intelligence. Frequently this geospatial information is presented textually (as a postal address, for example). But geospatial information is not just about where an asset is located, but where it is located in relation to other assets, and that relationship is best presented visually.

Location intelligence solutions integrate geographic information systems (GIS) with business intelligence (BI) systems to let you visualize the geospatial relationships within your business intelligence. This integrated solution is not merely "nice-to-have" technology. It is not technology for technology's sake: the visual aspects of information make a difference in the way that information becomes knowledge. That is, visualizing is as important to the average individual's understanding of information as reading is. Both the visual and the textual aspects of information are critical to the learning process – the process by which information becomes the knowledge required to make informed business decisions.

GIS enriches comprehension through visualization. Visualization creates impact, revealing not only the truth about business information, but also the importance of that truth within your business enterprise. The shock value of visualization can lead, literally, to a "Eureka" moment – a flash of insight, a moment of recognition – in which you reach a level of clarity never before achieved. The visual impact of location intelligence improves "speed to insight," making information – and business decisions – more timely. It gives your decision makers an edge – an information advantage.
For more information on APOS location intelligence products, visit the APOS Location Intelligence Solution page.

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