Monday, April 25, 2011

Location Intelligence for Local Governments

Local government is the bottom tier of government, so when the higher tiers of government proclaim the need for austerity, we all know where the brunt of that austerity falls, and who takes the blame for service shortfalls within your community. Local governments need to work smarter, and to do more with less. Location Intelligence is one of the technologies that can help you manage proactively and meet the call for austerity head on.

All governments govern geographical areas, and thus most government information includes a geospatial aspect. Many departments within local government understand this fact and have adopted geographic information systems (GIS) to help them visualize the geospatial relationship inherent in their information workflows. What these departments inevitably conclude is that geospatial visualization is not simply "nice to have," but critical to understanding and communicating information, and to planning work efficiently.

What if you could implement GIS across all departments? And what if you could tie all of these implementations together so that everyone is working from the same playbook? Can you imagine the efficiency gains?

That's what Location Intelligence does for local government, or for any other type of organization. Location Intelligence merges your Business Intelligence system with GIS to create a single coherent view of reality that spans all departments. Each department has its own thematic maps, but all of these maps are connecte to a single business intelligence datasource.

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