Thursday, August 25, 2011

Whole-Brain Analytics - Location Intelligence

Whole-Brain Analytics is the term we use to describe the value that location intelligence brings to the enterprise. That name has its roots in the multi-disciplinary realm of cognitive science and in the field of cognitive psychology in particular. Your brain is really two brains - two hemispheres -- each with its different way of "looking" at the world. While the left brain is the seat of verbal/analytic capabilities, the right brain is the seat of your visual/relational capabilities. (See lateralization of brain function.)

How do we know this to be true? Here's a little test that will help you "see."

Follow the instructions in the image:

location intelligence


This simple brain twister demonstrates your two hemispheres at work. They don't process information in a completely synchronized way. The test points to the natural conflict between the ways your right and left hemispheres perceive and process information about the world.

A good business intelligence solution, like a good teacher, uses multiple means and media to communicate information. Location intelligence connects the tabular, logical world of business intelligence reporting to the advanced visualization capabilities of geographic information systems to improve the understanding and communication of vital information.

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