Friday, September 23, 2011

Webinar Alert - Location Intelligence for Healthcare

Join for this educational and entertaining webinar on Tuesday, Sept. 27, 20ll. The webinar will focus on practical location intelligence scenarios for the healthcare industry, including:
  • Abuse Detection – using location to detect patterns in fraudulent behaviour.
  • Immunization Planning – organize immunization campaigns using demographics.
  • Service Planning Dashboard – identify regional and cultural healthcare service gaps using spatial analysis.
One of the greatest benefits of location intelligence is the revelation of geospatial relationships that are inherent within tabular data. Fraud or abuse that hides in spreadsheets can often be spotted visually within a thematic map. The strengths or inadequacies of a plan can often easily be seen by connecting the dots. Once you see an anomaly visually, you know what corroborating evidence to look for in the tabular data.
So its obvious that geospatial information can be very useful for the distributed delivery of healthcare services. You deliver services within an area, and location information is vital for timely delivery of those services, and for the responsible allocation of resources.
But there are other aspects of healthcare delivery that a location intelligence solution needs to take into account -- privacy and regulatory compliance, for example. No industry is as heavily regulated, and no industry has a greater privacy mandate.
At APOS, we define Location Intelligence as GIS +BI. The usefulness of the GIS portion of the solution is self-evident, but the need for the enterprise-ready business intelligence infrastructure is only apparent when you start to consider issues such as privacy and regulatory compliance. Enterprise BI solutions are designed with compliance and privacy in mind.
Your BI infrastructure is the key to making location intelligence an enterprise solution, rather than a peripheral software application.
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