Friday, February 24, 2012

Building a Better Fleet with Location Intelligence

You know a technology has arrived when it starts affecting each and every one of us at some basic level without us being aware of it. Like the price of corn, simple things can have giant effects. has a case study that demonstrates this point well. "Using location intelligence for better truck driver scheduling" tells the story of a company that uses very basic location intelligence to minimize miles driven and balance the driving workload.

There is no knowledge more basic to location intelligence than just knowing where things are at any given moment. That's what GPS gives you. Applying that knowledge systematically to a real business problem creates location intelligence.

In the case of this anonymous company, the dispatcher balances the workload to avoid unnecessary hiring and firing, and plans the most efficient routes for drivers and cargos, saving the company large amounts on wages and fuel, as well as improving customer satisfaction:
Where work needs to be reassigned Joe can update the route planning to add or remove clients against a driver based on the current number of orders, while still keeping a driver focused on delivering mostly in their nearby territory.

Location intelligence is about taking GPS data and using it to manage a fleet more profitably, making informed decisions and planning clearly for the future. It's about having the hard data to use when required to dispose of underutilized assets or request additional drivers.
The rising cost of fuel and commodities is making such simple efficiencies essential.

Via @gpsfortrucks.

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