Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Location Intelligence Answers the Question: "What Else?"

We've all heard the estimate: 80% of business information has a location aspect. It's been repeated so often that it has become common wisdom, but it is a very round estimate, and the importance of location varies quite widely depending on the business you are in.

So, rather than being impressed by a vague number that may or may not reflect our actual business scenario, we should ask ourselves how location information can help us achieve our own strategic objectives, and how it can help us execute on a tactical and operational level.

If business intelligence reports tell us the "what" of business information, and analytical tools help us answer the "why" and "what if" of this information, then location intelligence tells us the "what else."

Location gives us a way to ask the question: "What else should we consider before we make important decisions about our product development, sales and marketing operations?"

Location allows us to group customers, industries and anything else that has geographic specificity to discover what else they have in common -- demographics, psychographics, legislative requirements, climate and a host of other factors that can influence our decisions.

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