Thursday, September 20, 2012

Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Patch (DCP)

Since the 2012 ASUG BusinessObjects User Conference in Orlando (BOUC) last week, there has been a groundswell of DeskI debate. Is SAP bringing the "Deadski" back to life? Will my organization be able to migrate to SAP BI 4.x without converting all of my users (and my reports) over to WebIs? Can I possibly dodge this bullet?

I take no pleasure in raining on your parade, but the answers are "No," "No," and "No."

The Desktop Compatibility Pack, which many people became aware of in Orlando last week, will not save you from phasing out Desktop Intelligence reports when you migrate to SAP BI 4.x. It may ease the pain, but not until release 4.1, when the pack becomes available

Olivier Duvelleroy, publishing on the SAP Community Network site, clarifies the situation on behalf of SAP

No, DeskI is not "back". We have no intention of building a 4.x version of Desktop Intelligence. We have announced the planned end of life of Desktop Intelligence with the BI XI 3.x line. The end of maintenance for Desktop Intelligence 3.x is the same as BI XI 3.x in 2015, and the end of support is in 2017.

In other words, nothing has changed. The false hope many feel is the result of SAP's attempt to smooth the migration path to BI 4.x:

The “Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Patch” will be an add-on to install on top of the Desktop Intelligence XI 3.1 SP6 desktop product. When installed, it will allow the Desktop Intelligence reports, users, universes and database connections to be managed by the BI 4.1 platform. The estimated release date is mid-year in 2013.

Our goal is to allow Desktop Intelligence users and content to move to BI 4 as easily as possible.  The Desktop Intelligence Compatibility Patch helps in scenarios with reports are difficult or costly to convert to Web Intelligence.

What else can you do to ease the pain of migration? APOS Storage Center can help you archive those existing reports in an accessible format. But a well managed migration is multi-faceted. Read how other APOS solutions can help you create and execute that plan:

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