Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Enterprise Location Intelligence Industry Review

The TEC blog, from Technology Evaluation Centers, notes that " The need for location-based analysis is not new."

Location information is key in many industries and lines of business for acquiring a business understanding and a baseline for many analysis efforts. Location intelligence or location analytics applications can provide organizations with the means to easily collect and connect the data with location-based information and perform location-based analysis (‘plug and play’). They can also help organizations to achieve greater visibility and agility in business activities by enabling them to respond on time and on location.
(Using Location to Gain Intelligence, September 12, 2012)

Although the term "location intelligence" is relatively new, the practice is certainly not. The difference between scientific, location-based investigation such as John Snow's 1854 cholera epidemic visualization and modern business practice is the available technology.

While Snow's study led to real scientific progress, the needs of modern enterprises are different. They need speed -- real-time geospatial visualization that provides speed to insight and leads to operational efficiency and creates competitive advantage. They don't need to understand last year's trends next year. They need to understand them, and act on them, now.

The technology available in the location intelligence category as a whole is undergoing rapid transformation thanks to technology trends such as big data and cloud services. Our own APOS Location Intelligence Solution (LIS) is keeping pace with those trends with SAP BI 4.0 Dashboards integration, a new HTML5 viewer, and other great innovations that simplify the deployment of location intelligence and make it a true enterprise-level solution.

Thanks to TEC for the enterprise location intelligence industry summary, as well as the mention.

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