Thursday, February 7, 2019

Manage S3 – Smart, Strong, Simple

A cube presents multiple surfaces for your consideration. That’s why we see it as a perfect metaphor for managing your SAP BI, SAP Analytics Cloud, and Hybrid BI deployments. You need to view your needs from multiple perspectives.

APOS well managed BI solutions provide intelligent alternatives that unleash the power of your BI, Analytics, and Hybrid BI deployments, while simplifying platform management, maintenance, and administration.

Manage Smart 
Knowledge is the key to efficient and effective action. APOS solutions give you deep and granular system knowledge and the actionable information you need to manage your BI & Analytics systems.

Manage Strong
Strength is the key to proactive BI & Analytics platform management and administration. APOS solutions give you the robust capabilities you need to apply the actionable information you have gained in a timely and effective manner.

Manage Simple
You achieve simplicity in BI platform management and administration by managing smart and strong. Managing strong is about doing things right, while managing smart is about doing the right things. The right balance of smart and strong creates optimal simplicity, rendering your workflows and processes as simple as possible ‑ but no simpler, because over-simplification undermines flexibility, and flexibility is what allows you to manage smarter and stronger.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Hadoop Connections for SAP Analytics Cloud

If you are introducing SAP Analytics Cloud, you will need to make some very important decisions about data connectivity.

In the best of all possible worlds, the adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud might include the transfer of all data to HANA, and there would be no connectivity issues with which to contend. However, very few of us live in that world, so we need to find ways to connect to data where it currently resides.

One of your impending decisions is whether to use live data or acquired data. Acquired data is copied to SAP Analytics Cloud and is static, meaning that it must be updated or synchronized with the source data in order to incorporate changes. Acquired data is well suited to historical analysis, but not for dynamic data sets.

Live data is real-time, requires no data replication, keeps your data behind the corporate firewall, and allows you to leverage complex models and calculations in the source system

Perhaps you already have a Big Data solution in place using Hadoop. Apache Hadoop provides a scalable framework for distributed processing and storage of large data sets on clusters of commoditized computers. Hadoop is generally valued for its relative low-cost, as well as its speed, parallel computing power, fault tolerance, and flexibility.

The APOS Live Data Gateway solution provides live data connectivity between SAP Analytics Cloud to a variety of non-SAP data sources, including a number of Hadoop configurations:

The APOS Live Data Gateway connects to the Hadoop management platform via JDBC or ODBC driver. Drivers are specific to the platform and the type of query engine you are using.

Unlock live data. Check out the full list of data sources for which the APOS Live Data Gateway provides support.