Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Galigeo Acquires APOS Location Intelligence Division

Galigeo and APOS Systems have announced that Galigeo has acquired the assets, staff, and activities of the Location Intelligence division of APOS. The acquired solution will be included in the Galigeo portfolio of Location Intelligence Solutions under the name "Galigeo-APOS LIS."

APOS and Galigeo are working together to make the transition for current APOS LIS customers completely seamless.

Read the full press release.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

APOS BI Mobile App for iPhone/iPad

Now available: the APOS BI Mobile App for iPhone and iPad.

This app provides a simple and cost-effective way to connect to your SAP BusinessObjects environment and manage your reports on iPad or iPhone, without the need for your IT department to implement a backend solution.

Use the app to:

  • Connect to your BI deployments (e.g., Production, Development, UAT)
  • Browse your repository securely using folder navigation
  • Schedule documents
  • Refresh documents
  • Schedule objects
  • Print and email documents
  • View historical and latest instances
  • Delete content (provided you have the necessary rights)

Need something more? This app is customizable. Contact us with your specific requirements.

More information.