Thursday, June 15, 2017

Solution Spotlight - APOS Validation Manager

The increasing pace of technological change, the growing volume of data, and its complexity, make automated report testing an ongoing subject of interest for BI platform managers and administrators.

From full-version migration to in-place upgrade to day-to-day report development and management, report testing can be a labor- and resource-intensive activity. The APOS Validation Manager solution presents a project-based, highly controlled environment for testing reports. It works with:
  • SAP Web Intelligence
  • Analysis for Office
  • Crystal Reports
  • Crystal Reports for Enterprise

Use Validation Manager log in to your source BI system, search for report objects, add the report objects to a project, set the target BI system connection information, and import the files into your project for testing.

Simplify the import operation by using other APOS solutions such as APOS Insight or the InfoScheduler or Instance Manager modules of the APOS Administrator solution, or you can import by specifying schedules or from existing instances.

Validation Manager tells you when report validation is failed, successful, or successful with warnings, simplifying your testing process and allowing you to increase the speed of report implementation.

Validation Manager provides numerous benefits:
  • Rapid technology adoption ensuring timely and accurate information for decision-making workflows
  • Increase the scope of your migration testing sample, and the depth of testing
  • Improved internal control governance for SOX compliance and other regulatory requirements
  • Implement database / schema changes and upgrades, semantic layer changes, and vendor-based data source changes more quickly and dependably
  • Efficient resource management