Monday, January 16, 2017

Webinar - Advanced Monitoring for SAP BusinessObjects

Gone are the days when BI monitoring consisted of irate information consumers calling to complain about the report they didn't receive. BI has become central to 21st Century enterprises, and BI monitoring strategies are evolving accordingly. The role of monitoring has increased, and will continue to increase, as BI becomes more central to informed management and operations, and to the financial well being of your organization.

An advanced monitoring strategy should provide you with the means to gauge the whole system health of your BI deployment, because it is no longer enough to know whether all servers are "dead or alive" and online, whether jobs have succeeded or failed, and whether critical services are running. There is so much more that you can know about your system from advanced monitoring methods, and so many ways in which advanced monitoring can make your proactive in delivering the best possible service to your information consumers.

Advanced monitoring techniques offer both a broader view of your deployment, covering a wide range of components and dependencies, and a more granular view, allowing you to act with confidence on the monitoring data you gather, and giving you a much better better picture of your system's health.

If advanced monitoring for SAP BusinessObjects is on your radar, join us to learn about developing a comprehensive and proactive monitoring strategy for your BI deployment.

What: Webinar - SAP BusinessObjects Advanced Monitoring
When: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 10 am / 2 pm EST