Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solution Spotlight - APOS Publisher

APOS Publisher is a complete publishing solution for SAP BusinessObjects. It provides:
  • An advanced bursting engine
  • Automated document production
  • Enhanced distribution, encryption & integration
  • Integration with BI Launchpad (BI 4.2, SP4)
  • Workflow monitoring, alerts and auditing\
  • Interactive process control
  • Assured delivery, auto recovery, & partial burst reruns

Advanced Information Distribution Governance

With the frequency of high-profile data breaches over the past few years, risk is on everyone's mind. If there is value in information, there is necessarily also risk, which is why APOS Publisher is designed to deliver tightly controlled document production, publishing, and distribution.

Data governance requires you to establish control over the flow and exposure of information. Information distribution governance is how you establish and maintain that control.

The Distribution Server module of APOS Publisher Server is a post-processing engine that delivers a great variety of options that simplify and clarify user processes for greater empowerment and convenience, enhance information security through numerous encryption and password-protection methods, and fortify governance requirements by enforcing formats and destinations.

Push, pull, print, or place -- these are the essential information distribution options. Distribution Server delivers on all of these options, but it is with the "place" option that Distribution Server really shines.

When we place information, we are putting it where it is needed, when it is needed, with the right security, in order to inform workflows and decisions. Distribution Server's great variety of destination types, format types and security options make it possible to put information where it will be most timely and useful.

With the release of SAP BI 4.2 SP4, APOS Publisher's Distribution Server module is integrated with BI Launchpad, so SAP BI customers who also have a Distribution Server license can now access its advanced distribution, encryption and integration capabilities directly within the BI Launchpad interface.

APOS Publisher Case Studies

Read case studies on how individual companies have used APOS Publisher for superior document production, delivery and distribution, and to achieve their information distribution governance needs:

Monday, August 14, 2017

Solution Spotlight - APOS Insight

For BI practitioners, deep system knowledge is the start of the incredibly rewarding journey to well managed BI. APOS Insight illuminates that path through enhanced metadata management, comprehensive audit, proactive system monitoring and alerts, and full impact analysis.

You need these capabilities to form an accurate understanding of your BI system's performance, and to plan for its future. APOS Insight will help you:

  • Improve system governanceOptimize BI system performance; meet and exceed service agreements.
  • Meet compliance and audit objectivesEnable your BI team to meet corporate governance, audit and regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare for migration & upgradesCatalog your content; extract pre-migration benchmark information; map IDs between systems; compare security structures between environments; plan your migration.
  • Audit and harden system securityAudit security and perform remedial fixes before the underlying problems hurt you.
  • Protect sensitive informationKnow who has accessed what information through off-line historical analysis of audit data. The APOS Insight Website Auditor also provides granular user session data for the web application server and SAP BusinessObjects.
  • Enhance change management processesSee what has changed, and who made the changes, so that your change management processes are audit-ready.
Use APOS Insight to optimize your SAP BI environment and infrastructure, establish complete confidence in your content, enable industry-specific regulatory compliance, and to deliver well managed BI to your organization.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

BI + Analytics 2017, Nashville

APOS will be in Booth #4 at this year's BI +Analytics show in Nashville, which takes place from August 7 to 9 at the Music City Center.

The show features two great presentations you won't want to miss by APOS customers:

CSI - Enhanced Distribution & Integration of BI Content into Business Workflows
Jason Young demonstrates how Computer Services Inc. integrated SAP BusinessObjects into their core bank processing solution with the help of APOS Distribution Server. APOS solution consultant Alan Golding will also be on hand to discuss the enhanced distribution options provided by the integration of APOS Distribution Server with BI Launchpad in BI 4.2 SP4. (When: Wednesday, Aug. 9, 1:30 PM)

Beaumont Health System - Healthcare BI Management & Related EHR Upgrades
While this presentation relates specifically to healthcare BI, its lessons are universal. Jeffery Morrison demonstrates how Beaumont Health reduces technical debt at every opportunity by thinking outside the SAP BusinessObjects box, taking full advantage of system metadata, and developing integrated resource, content, upgrade and migration strategies. (When: Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2:25 PM)

Both of these presentations are very strong on substance that you can apply to your own BI environment, and we would love to see you there.

SAP App Center Q&A with SAP's Raghuraman Ramakrishnan

APOS COO Allan Pym recently participated in a Q&A with SAP's Raghuraman Ramakrishnan. The focus of the Q&A was the SAP App Center, on which you can find numerous APOS solutions.

The SAP App Center is SAP's new online store bringing together the entire SAP partner ecosphere.

Allan described what he liked about the new SAP App Center:

I like two things in particular. First, that SAP is demonstrating its commitment to the SAP partner ecosphere. Second, that the new SAP App Center gives us more opportunity to describe our solutions and what they can do for organizations wanting to get the most out of SAP business intelligence (BI) solutions.