Tuesday, May 29, 2012

SAP BusinessObjects Migration with APOS Storage Center

APOS Storage Center makes it easy to back up, archive and selectively restore your documents of record in a secure and timely manner — essential to ensuring regulatory compliance and meeting the needs of your information consumers, particularly when you are limiting the amount of content you are migrating.
APOS Storage Center is a dedicated SAP BusinessObjects document lifecycle management solution. It is designed to ensure the integrity of your documents, safeguard data privacy, and support regulatory compliance. It should be a key element in your disaster recovery plan ‑ before, during and after migration.

APOS Storage Center helps you:
  • Mitigate risk by safeguarding objects, document instances, and instance integrity for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Migrate document instances from one deployment of SAP BusinessObjects to another; perform partial or complete migration.
  • Extract and export objects and document instances to other formats such as PDF (e.g., export Web Intelligence reports, which are Universe-dependent, and Desk Intelligence reports, which are deprecated in BI 4.0, to PDF to ensure access to the documents of record).
  • Implement an intelligent means to purge Web Intelligence reports while retaining retrievable versions.
  • Manage disc space carefully.

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