Friday, September 21, 2012

Visual Discovery Infographic

There's a great infographic, sponsored by SAP, produced by the Aberdeen Group, and incorporated in Pierre Leroux's SAP blog entry, Is Visual Discovery for You and Your Organization?. Leroux's claim is that:

Best-in-class companies are already adopting visual discovery solutions over traditional business intelligence (BI), resulting in more agility for their organizations in the face of decreasing business response time.

The infographic tells us that, in visual discovery (or interactive BI): "Business users receive a rich, highly interactive interface, allowing them to manipulate and explore information directly."

The hope is that, in the age of the social Web, with its multi-voiced conversations between companies and customers, BI itself is becoming more conversational, better meeting the needs of information consumers through interactive, visual discovery. SAP's Visual Intelligence (or Visi), working with HANA, and providing drag-and-drop document creation, is a step toward realizing that concept.

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