Thursday, April 11, 2013

APOS & SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 - Migration, Collaboration, Innovation

We have a new post up on the SAP Community Network:
APOS Systems recently released a product that converts UNV universes to UNX universes in bulk. The story of its development involves close collaboration between APOS and SAP's product management team, as well as innovation for the benefit of the entire SAP BusinessObjects™ community.

The post documents a small part of the long-time and ongoing collaboration between APOS and SAP. In this case, it's about migration to BI 4.0, and what APOS is doing, in collaboration with SAP, to smooth the migration path.

The APOS Converter for BI 4.0 universes allows you to scan your system for existing UNV universes, select them, and convert them in bulk to UNX universes. It's just one of the many BI 4.0 upgrade resources that APOS offers to help you migrate smoothly and manage your resources efficiently.

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