Friday, February 28, 2014

SAP's Ian Treleaven: BI4 Sizing Guide Updated

Not long ago, SAP's Ian Treleaven was a guest presenter for two APOS migration-themed webinars on the subject of BI4 sizing:

We had such a great response to these webinars that we thought we should pass along Ian's message to us that the BI4 Sizing Guide has very recently been updated.
The new guide has many additions to help you get the architecture and sizing of your new BI4 deployment right, including:
  • New content to help sizing and performance integration with HANA
  • Tips to help you make the CMS run better
  • Updated suggested limits for Web Intelligence
  • Suggestions for periodic re-sizing
  • Pre-sizing and post-sizing checklists to help you prepare for your sizing exercise

Make sure you also visit the companion Website,, which also has some updates and new content to help you get your BI4.1 deployment running faster and leaner.

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