Monday, May 12, 2014

SAP BusinessObjects Security - Rights Assignment

By Rick Epstein

Resolvit Inc. - Rick Epstein
As I mentioned in my previous post, access levels are applied to users and groups. By contrast, there are three SAP BusinessObjects security settings that apply at the granular rights level.
  • No Access: This acts to not allow the right but can be overridden by an explicit grant or an explicit denial
  • Explicit Denial: Does not allow the right on an object and cannot be overridden
  • Explicit Grant: Allows the right on the object and can be overridden

There is another setting that is available for each right that is assigned: the Apply on This Object or All Sub-Objects setting. By default, a right assignment is applied to all sub-objects. Sub-objects can be sub folders or reports, categories, universes, or connections under the folder on which a right is applied. Assigning the right only to this object (not sub-objects) will prevent the right from cascading/inheriting down.

Okay, those are the basic elements of the Security Knowledge Framework.

What's next? In upcoming posts, I'll be discussing some common security mistakes. Hint: Everyone Group, Top Level Folder rights, CMC Rights, Explicit Denials, Broken Inheritance.)


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