Monday, March 16, 2015

Pentagon EHR System Upgrade Contract Said to Be Worth $11 Billion

The U.S. Department of Defense has narrowed the field to three contenders for the estimated $11 billion upgrade to the DoD EHR:
  • Computer Sciences Corp., HP, and Allscripts
  • Cerner, Leidos, and Accenture Federal
  • IBM, Epic, and Impact Advisors

The winning EHR company will certainly benefit greatly, both from the DoD, and in the healthcare sphere in general, but I'm sure the other two will also benefit from the vote of confidence on their ability to deliver EHR capable of achieving Meaningful Use.

Numerous challenges have been noted by the bidders:
  • Interoperability - Allscripts senior vice presi dent, sales, Dean Mericka says interoperability will lead to personalized precision medicine and improved telemedicine.
  • DoD mission and culture - Cerner Federal VP and general manager Travis Dalton notes that the task goes far beyond bringing a set of tools. The winning vendor will have to adapt to the DoD's culture, philosophy and mission.
  • Scalability - Epic U.S. federal and global services executive Leslie Karls indicates the scalability of the solution is key.

Those are just the EHR perspectives. The IT and infrastructure challenges present a whole other level of difficulties.

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