Monday, August 14, 2017

Solution Spotlight - APOS Insight

For BI practitioners, deep system knowledge is the start of the incredibly rewarding journey to well managed BI. APOS Insight illuminates that path through enhanced metadata management, comprehensive audit, proactive system monitoring and alerts, and full impact analysis.

You need these capabilities to form an accurate understanding of your BI system's performance, and to plan for its future. APOS Insight will help you:

  • Improve system governanceOptimize BI system performance; meet and exceed service agreements.
  • Meet compliance and audit objectivesEnable your BI team to meet corporate governance, audit and regulatory requirements.
  • Prepare for migration & upgradesCatalog your content; extract pre-migration benchmark information; map IDs between systems; compare security structures between environments; plan your migration.
  • Audit and harden system securityAudit security and perform remedial fixes before the underlying problems hurt you.
  • Protect sensitive informationKnow who has accessed what information through off-line historical analysis of audit data. The APOS Insight Website Auditor also provides granular user session data for the web application server and SAP BusinessObjects.
  • Enhance change management processesSee what has changed, and who made the changes, so that your change management processes are audit-ready.
Use APOS Insight to optimize your SAP BI environment and infrastructure, establish complete confidence in your content, enable industry-specific regulatory compliance, and to deliver well managed BI to your organization.

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