Monday, May 30, 2011

Well Managed BI - Part II

My first post on this blog tried to explain the concept of well managed BI, and perhaps it's time I delved more deeply into that topic. The tagline under the blog's title kind of says it all: if you implemented a BI solution to help you operate your enterprise more efficiently, you need to ensure that your BI solution is working up to its potential, or you may not get the information you need to manage your enterprise in a timely manner. Worse still, the information you're getting may be faulty.

But what if it's more than operational efficiency that you're looking for? Is there more to well managed BI than getting your reports on time?

We know that BI systems are becoming more pervasive among enterprises, and also more pervasive within enterprises, and that BI systems are capable of playing a larger role within the enterprise solution stack. What if you're looking to do more with your BI system?

Then you had better make sure that your BI system is running at peak efficiency. You need to make sure that you can administer your BI system proactively, monitor its critical services from outside, publish content efficiently and effortlessly, and that you have the storage, backup and restore capabilities that meet your enterprise disaster recovery specifications.

After you've done everything you can to manage your BI system effectively, you can start thinking about extending it. Location intelligence -- true bi-directional integration with GIS -- is a good place to start. And how about publishing content to your customers? Or integrating BI with your enterprise content management system?

At APOS, we believe that if you're not using our software to administer and monitor your SAP BusinessObjects system, and to publish and store your BI content, you're simply not getting the most out of your BI system. We complement, enhance and extend that system so that you have the confidence to do more with it, and the peace of mind to sleep at night.

That's well managed BI.

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